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wellness education institute (W.E.I.)

the plan for wellnesseducation.us is, within two years, to open the wellness education institute (WEI).

the institute mission will be to promote wellness via learning about its component parts:

    1. Spirit
    2. M/mind
    3. body
    4. environment

WEI will facilitate learning by offering these continuing education classes:

    Oneness, One (oh) One
    Breathing, Easier
    No-place like Ommmmmmm (meditation)
    its All G8d
    just pay attention
    the benefits of j-yOur-naling
    eating behaviors and lifestyle choices
    personal fitness for life
    time-management is oxy-moronic
    wellness concepts
    distress, eustress and you!
    Happy Now!
    advanced course in Miracles
    seven-minute massage for couples
    professional massage and client-therapist relationships
    avoidance of medical errors: a course for health care providers

and many, many more!

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