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What would you say If you had one, last moment?

The "If" process is a process of communicating what you would want to communicate "if" you only had one, last moment with a person who you love.

The purpose of this 10-minute, interactive e-book is to improve your relationship with anyone, Now! The process can be as simple as filling in a few blank spaces on our letter creator. The end result will be a one-page letter that will drastically improve your relationship, even if you don't send it to the person who you are thinking about!

You've heard people state that they wished they had a chance to say "one last thing" to a loved one before s/he has passed away. Here is your chance to say something, Now, while s/he is still here!

If a present relationship is currently less than fantastic, this process works wonders.

Every, single thing that human beings do (bar no-thing) is done to feel better.

This "If" process allows you to feel better now, while giving someone else the opportunity to feel better, now.

Let's go for it!



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