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about us

our mission
the mission of is to See Beyond the dueling dualities of the physical, manifest world, and to re-Cognize the Unity and Oneness that Connects It All.

our motto is we won Be-Cause We, One.

our logo is the lower-case we (which symbolizes us, here in this relative world) interspaced with the Higher Case I (which symbolizes the Highest Self, or the I Am.).

wIe is encased by the sun-Circle (which symbolizes Wholeness, Completion, Unity, Oneness, All-ness). the sun-Circle also symbolizes the expansion of Spirit, into infinite

in short, its all infinitely good!

in a literal sense: It. Is. All. .

(and each of these words re-Presents the Same idea)

on our website, you will find:
our associates page. is lucky to be associated with artists, writers, and wellness teachers. on our associates page, we present:

e-books, featuring
   o joal martino
       Spiritual Play
       poetry by joal martino (over 50 books & thousands of poems yet to be published)
   brett pace, bs, lmt
   diana kennedy

m-Art-i-neau art, featuring:
   o clare dunn (martineau) (watercolors)
   o leonard martineau (pencil drawings, slideshow production)
   o john albert martineau graphicjam (pencil drawings)
   o nick dunn (young at art)
   o ashley martineau (neauveau) (recycled yarns)

e-books (such as the free book on the page entitled if)

poem/thought of the day by joal martino

massage therapy videos (coming as soon as we get a large enough group of people who want us to produce them) by leonard martineau
   o couples massage
       7-minute chair massage
       7-minute neck/face massage
       7 minute foot massage

at, we value:
protection of our planet earth
Love, even though we cant explain what it is, except to say that It. Is. All. Good.

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